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Air Conditioning and Heating in Orange County, CA

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Old Towne Plumbing, Heating & Air in Orange County, CA specializes in heating and A/C services. Much like your car, the A/C and heater unit in your home runs more efficiently and longer when it receives regular preventive maintenance. Two reasons why:

  1. The time and money spent on maintenance is a fraction of the cost of replacing it.
  2. The unit runs better, saving you money as you use it.

Preventative maintenance of your ventilation systems is essential and helps you save money. Our team checks several aspects from the compressor to the air filters and even electrical components.
Technician Repairing the A/C Machine - Air Conditioning in Orange County, CA
If repair is not an option, we offer high-efficiency units from the best manufacturers like Trane, Day & Night, and York. We evaluate your home or business's energy and install a unit that is a good fit and cost efficient for your needs. Be comfortable in severe heat or cold weather.

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Money Saving Tips

Did you know that the temperature difference between the air your A/C unit is taking in from your home and the chilled dry air it returns should be close to 20 Fº? We call this the "Delta-T". If the Delta-T of your unit is less than 20 Fº, it will be on for longer and will be working harder. This costs you money and takes your unit quicker to that dreaded service call.